I started my hypnobirthing journey with Helen at 20 weeks pregnant after reading about it online. I was very frightened about labour and birth after the traumatic stories of childbirth I'd heard from friends and family. I was skeptical about hypnobirthing but I was willing to try anything as I wanted the best birth for my baby.

After my first session with Helen I already felt much calmer about the whole birthing process and I felt I could trust Helen to help me achieve the birth I wanted.

We practiced relaxation, breathing techniques and formed positive feelings about birth instead of fear. Helen taught us everything there is to know about birth and how to trust my body to do its job. Helen made sure my partner was very much involved in all of these techniques so I felt very supported. After each session I felt less and less fearful and more empowered, knowledgable and excited for the birth.

When the day I went into labour came I wasn't the slightest bit nervous, instead I felt in control and excited to meet my baby.

I used the breathing and soft touch techniques we'd learnt to manage my contractions at at home. After 2 hours my contractions were every 3 minutes so we made our way to the hospital where the midwives were surprised that I was already 5cm dilated and still managing the contractions well without any pain relief. After 4h I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in a birthing pool in a calm and relaxed atmosphere with only gas and air for pain relief (and no stitches!!). I had felt totally in control of my labour and birth and had very little intervention from the midwife. Myself and my partner now have a wonderful experience of our baby's birth that we will cherish forever.

Helen I can't thank you enough for this amazing experience and I can't wait for the next one :)

All our love

Victoria, Dominic and Hugo xxx

Hypnobirthing techniques gave me tools that helped me to remain calm and relaxed before and during labour. I was able to effectively manage contractions with gas and air, the birthing pool and a Tens machine and I didn't feel the need for any other pain relief. Despite unforeseen complications towards the end of a prolonged labour, I was still able to remain focused and relaxed. Hypnobirthing proved to be very effective along side the conventional medical support required.

I would recommend using Hypnobirthing as key tool within your birthing plan. Helen is an excellent Hypnobirthing coach and a very supportive mentor, she provided us with a personalised package and she introduced the techniques within sessions tailored for us.


After two tough labours, my girlfriend was obviously quite anxious about giving birth a third time. My brother and his wife had used HypnoBirthing for the birth of their first child and sung its praises highly. We decided to give it a go- nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A quick Internet search later and we found Helen, a local HypnoBirthing teacher. Before we signed up, Helen came to our house to talk to us about what to expect and what we would get out of the course. It was obvious from the minute we met her that she is hugely passionate about HypnoBirthing. We read her testimonials and decided there and then that she was the one for us. We had five sessions with her, all at our house, all very informal and relaxed.

Despite initially being sceptical, Nicola soon began to see that HypnoBirthing was going to work for her. The techniques used are nothing clever or difficult, they simply teach human beings how to give birth the way that they are designed to do so. A technique that for whatever reason has largely got lost in today's modern society. It also doesn't involve being hypnotised as the name would suggest. HypnoBirthing doesn't eliminate the pain and discomfort of child-birth but it does lessen it and make it managable.

We had a home birth and I know that being in familiar and comfortable surroundings also had a huge positive effect on the labour. Nicola remained in control of her body throughout the labour using the techniques that Helen had showed her. When the midwives showed up they didn't even think Nicola was in labour because she was so calm and relaxed. After the birth the midwives commented that they wished they had filmed the whole thing because from their point of view it was a textbook birth. Their only involvment was at the very end when baby popped out.

From a father's point of view, it was an absolutely amazing experience, an experience that I believe would have been entirely different without HypnoBirthing.

Martin and Nicola

With the imminent birth of our second child we were keen to explore new ways of giving birth as naturally as possible. We had planned a home water birth the first time but due to the baby being overdue this wasn't possible. Having met Helen and heard her talk with passion about the benefits of hypnobirthing for both mother and baby we were keen to give it a try.

With the baby due any day now we are confident that the skills and techniques we have learnt from our course with Helen will make for a wonderful experience and a very natural and calm birth. Throughout the course Helen has been an excellent teacher taking us through each step with confidence and explaining in detail why each process is important.

Helen has opened our eyes to a whole new way of birthing and we are excited about bringing our new life into the world using all the things she has bought us.

Hollie & Mark

I was sceptical about hypnobirthing at first, but after hearing the positive reports from friends of how it had transformed their birthing experience, I was keen to give it a try.

The classes taught us the science behind how your body naturally is designed to give birth and relaxation techniques to enable your body to do its job.

From the onset of labour I used the techniques to keep calm. On arrival at hospital I was fully focused on the task at hand, very much relaxed and felt more in control of each 'surge'. I had gas and air, no forceps, no stitches - the opposite to my last birth.

I would certainly recommend the classes to educate yourself about birthing your baby, reducing the fear associated with birth and helping you to have a positive birthing experience.

Claire Spoors

We just wanted to let you know our great news that we had an 8lb 10.5oz girl on fri 25th oct (11 days late!) and called her Imogen Lena. The hypnobirthing was fantastic and they were amazed at the hospital! Paracetamol and codeine were the only drugs needed not even gas and air! Slow labour at night began a week before she was born and we were at the hospital in labour for 16 hours. She is a very chilled-out baby and breast feeding is going really well she had put on an ounce in 5 days! Thank you for everything x

Rachel and Matthew

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